CIELO Oil-in Hair Manicure Contaent: 100g No. of Colors: 6 Cosmetics

Color Guide

Reddish Brown Less Reddish Warm Brown Shiny Brown Light Brown Natural Brown Dark Brown Ash Brown Light Dark

How to use If the hair manicure is put on your skin or scalp, it is hard to wash the color off. Be careful not to put it on your skin. Be careful not to put it on your skin.

To avoid staining, apply a thick coat of the protective cream to your hairline, ears, neckline, etc. and wear the ear caps.

Apply Protective Cream. Hairline Ears Neckline Protective Cream The protective cream makes easier to wash off the hair manicure if it is put on your skin. Be careful not to put the protective cream on your hair, or it will weaken the coloring effect. Wear the ear caps.

Atten thecomb part to the bottle, then wear the gloves.

Remove the storage cap, and atttach the comb part firmly. The strage cap can be removed by pulling it upward. Rotate while holding the root of the comb part and the upper part of the bottle. Be sure to spread covering such as newspaper. Before wearning the gloves, tighten firmly with your bare hands. Do not shake the bottle. Wear the gloves. Hold the gloves in place with ruber bands.

Be careful not to put hair manicure on your skin, and apply it from the areas you are worried about.

When appling onto yourbangs and sides, your hair may tumble down to your eyes or face and stain, so please be careful. IMPORTANT If the hair manicure is put on to your skin, wipe it immediately with tissue paper, etc. even before coloring is  finished. Cleanse the remaining stains using the cleansing gel. Refer to the bottom of this page for how to use the cleansing gel. Cleansing Gel If you do not wipe it immediately, it would be harder to wash the color off.

Leave on for about 10 minutes.

Check that the hair manicure is not on your hands or skin. If your hair is thick and stif, or the room temperature is low, leave on for longer, about 5 more minutes.

Rinse hair throughly,then shampoo and use a conditionaer

IMPORTANT To avoid staining your hands, always wear the gloves while doing the above. With your gloves on, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear runs clear with no trace of color form the hairin manicure. Be extra careful, NEVER let the hair manicure or the water used to rinse hair in yur eyes. The water used to rinse hair can also stain, so be careful not to have it splash onto your clothes, wall, bath tub, etc. Shampoo twice, use a conditioner and then dry hair well. Dry ypur hair with a towel which you do not mind being stained. If your hair is not completely dried, it would, it would stain clothes, hats, pillow case, etc. How to useCleansing Gel Apply a thick coat of the cleansing gel onto the stained skin, and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Never leave it on for 10 minutes or longer. Massage the cleansing gel lightly onto the stain, so that the gel lifts up thestain, then wipe off using tissue paper. Wash off the cleansing gel thoroughly.

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