CIELO Mousse Color (Specifications) Content:50g+50g No. of Colors: 16 Quasi-drug

Color Guide

Reddish Brown Less Reddish Light Dark

How to use

①First of all, shake the bottle about 20 times. Next, make a hoke on the back of the box along the dotted line and place the bottle.This makes the bottle stable and allowing to use both hands.

Lock part Shake 20 times

Dispense the foam on your palm, and then start applying from the most gray part.

Parting / Top Hairline

③Next, apply a sufficient amount foam to the entire hair to ensure full and even distribution. The fine foam penetrates into every single hair, there’s no need to lather like shampoo.

④Again, apply a sufficient amount of foam to any areas you are worried about. Finally, blend foam thoroughly into the entire hair while massaging. Leave on for 20 minutes.

⑤Rinse off the foam.

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear. After shampooing twice, use a conditioner and then dry hair well.
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