CIELO Hair Color EX Milky (Specifications) Content:50g+75ml No. of Colors: 16 Quasi-drug

Color Guide

Reddish Brown Less Reddish Light Dark

How to use

①Just before use, make the mixture.

①Secure the Cream Developer in the box and squeeze the entire content of the Cream Colorant into the Cream Developer. White cap ②Tighten the white cap securely and strongly shake the bottle up and down about 30 times. *Do not attch the Comb-Nozzle on at this time. ③Immediately remove the white cap and firmly attach the Comb-Nozzle by rotating it.

②Apply the mixture to dry hair.

①Start application from gray areas, distribute the mixture as if combing your hair while releasing the mixture. ②Repeat this process until the entire hair is applied evenly. ③After finishing the application, gently comb through with the Comb-Nozzle to evenly spread the mixture into the hair. ④After that, leave on for 15 minutes.

③Rinse off the mixture.

①Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear. ②After shampooing twice, use a conditioner and then dry hair well.

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