CIELO Designing Color Content: 32g+96ml No. of Colors: 14 Quasi-drug

Color Guide

Lighter colors Light colors Pink colors Natural colors Ash colors Mermaid Pink Coral Brown Classic Chocolat Earl Grey Beige Nudi Ochre Mint Ash Lucent Ash Smoky Ash Premium Ash * For those with more gray hair, gray hairs may not coverd or colored well.

How to use

(1)Make the mixture.

1  Secure the Cream Developer in the box and squeeze the entire contents of the Cream Colorant into the Cream Developer. 2  Tighten the white cap securely and vigorously strongly shake the bottle up and down about 30 times.30 times 3  Immediately remove the white cap and firmly attach the Comb-Nozzle.

(2) Apply the mixture to dry hair.

1  Apply from the roots of the areas where gray hairs stand out. 2  Apply the mixture evenly to the entire hair, as if combing your hair while releasing the mixture.3  Reapply the product mixture to the grayest areas.

(3) Leave the mixture on

20 minutes

(4) Rinse off the mixture and finish.

1  Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear. 2  Shampoo twice using the enclosed shampoo, finish with the conditioner treatment, and then dry hair well.

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