CIELO 1DAY Gray Hair Concealer Content: 9ml No. of Colors: 4 Cosmetics

Color Guide 4 color variations to choose

Light Dark CIELO Cover Gray Comb Tones Light Brown Natural Brown Dark Brown Natural Black CIELO Hair Color Brightness and Color

How to use

First, remove the comb from the cap by pulling in the direction of the arrow.

With the comb end pointing at your scalp, slowly  apply the product from the roots little by little as if combing your gray hair.Apply the product to all the areas that you are worried about such as your hairline or parting. While changing the position slightly, repeat the process about 5 times until the gray areas are completely covered.

If it is hard to apply, hold the hair firmly, pulling it away from the face and apply the product or gently push the hair back and apply the product that way.

Please ensure the cap is properly tightened after use. This product could stain your bedding, so please wash your hair with shampoo before going to bed.


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